Monday, March 12, 2007

Les Nouveaux Sauvages ( I )

My first post,

Dedicated to a comic that's been develloping in my head as a project to work on in my spare time. My astrological sign is Gemini and this gave me the idea of creating a comic strip or graphic novel about two twins, a boy and a girl who are art students in the big city. They lost their parents at a young age but they have left them a large art collection which is spread over museums all over the world. Throughout their life the twins get tangled up in all sorts of adventures, dealing with the traps and asty business of art dealers, big sums of money, fraude, kidnapping, theft, etc.

Here is a first look at some art from the comic strip, which includes some designs of the main characters, the twins Derek (D) and Katherina (Kat).

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I Like all of them.

Would like to put a few on my blog
with a link to you of course. :))