Thursday, March 15, 2007

Maoam Commercials

A few years ago I worked on a series of three tv commercials for well known candy company Haribo. The commercials were aired on dutch tv. I was responsible for storyboarding, animating and coloring the animation. The starting point for the commercial was a character that was already designed and used in german promo artwork. I made the design appropriate for animation and we then did the first commercial using that design of the main character snowboarding his way to his desired candy.

The second commercial required the character to ride a BMX bike in a park in springtime. The original design had the character wearing think clothes, a hat and goggles, so for the second commercial we could refine the design some more. We also had to design a female character which he could try and woo with his BMX riding skills and by offering her some candy. This commercial was an big step forward as we tried to incorporate 2D animation matching 3D rendered moving backgrounds and a 3D BMX bike.

The third and final commercial had the character battling a 3D robot who comes to life from a graphitti painting. The character uses his breakdancing skills to avoid and outdance the robot to get back his candy. All of the commercials were drawn directly into macromedia flash, cleaned in flash and colored in flash with post production done by the company that hired me to do the animation.

In the future I'll post the commercials and some rough animation from the project.


Anonymous said...

Looks suspiciously like Maoam's most famous fan, Jack Harries, the Youtube star :D

Mayumi Elisa said...

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