Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rapunzel Artwork ( I )

I know Disney is working on their own take for a new animated feature based on the fairytale "Rapunzel", but long before my idol Glen Keane started directing his version of the movie I had plans for MY own version. I've always been attracted to the story and had my own vision, basically mixing the dynamics between the evil witch and Rapunzel, combined by the reasoning as to why the witch became so cruel and locked Rapunzel up in the tower. From 1998 on I've worked on and off on the project, doing sketches, using it as a starting point to make animation tests during my time at the academy of arts. In the next few posts I'll show you some of the older artwork but also some new stuff, for my own personal version of the movie.

First, here's some of the old artwork I did around the late 90's. The Rapunzel I was looking for was a bit modelled after Reese Witherspoon at the time. Who I thought had the right feisty yet friendly face for the role.

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