Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sketchbook Scans ( I )

Here are some scans from one of my sketchbooks. At art school my teachers drilled me to always have a sketchbook with me and draw whenever there was time, so during my daily trainride I tend to do so vigourously.

The first sketch is for another comic/movie idea I have about a young girl living in the middle ages or some fantastical epic era who survives a massacre which leaves her entire town murdered including her own family. She sets out to find the person responsible for this and get her revenge. I wanted to find a mix between a very innocent looking girl and very brutal action. A contrast between visual innocence and inner anger and rage. This drawing is of the moment the girl finds out her entire town has been ravaged and murdered. More to come on this project.

This sketch is just some fashionable kick ass female. I tend to draw women, because they are fun to draw. This started when I was young and used to draw all the female Disney characters like the little mermaid, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas and Jessica Rabbit, or dutch comic hero Franka which is one of my favourite comics ever.

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Bob said...

hee Robske,

coool dat je nu ook blogt. Kan ik mooi bijhouden wat je uitspookt!! Ziet er goed uit allemaal. Ik ben altijd erg fan van je schetsen. Lekker los.

Gaat verder alles goed op werk. Weer helemaal beter?

Tot gauw

Le Bob